May. 18th, 2011

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dvd  10 150x150 Glenn Beck + Insecurities = Meghan McCain is Fat?Pardon my odd posting schedule, apparently my phone-to-blog posting isn’t working so I had a few to publish that had been saved to draft. Annoyed.

Anyway, I’m slow on the draw with this, but a few days ago I was directed to a video of Glenn Beck on The O’Reilly Factor being held to standard by Papa Bear for stupid, bully-like insults hurled at John McCain’s daughter Meghan. It seems that Meghan stripped clothing off of her shoulders (pretty much only her shoulders, below which she was not filmed) for a skin cancer awareness PSA and Beck found the time, apparently while relaxing at the Bart Simpson Hair Salon, to pretend to vomit at the thought of Meghan naked and suggest she put on a burqa to cover up.

As you can see, she’s hideously disfigured by rays of sunshine in her hair.

dvd  11 150x150 Glenn Beck + Insecurities = Meghan McCain is Fat?Is it just me, or is Meghan McCain gorgeous? She looks like Candice Accola, I haven’t noticed her being hugely fat or in any way ugly, in fact she’s so gorgeous that it makes me wonder if she criticized Beck and he couldn’t take it because of a history of pretty girls making ass fun of him? Because the way he lashed out was so far below juvenile that it lands him in the midst of schoolyard bullies, because calling her fat or ugly because you don’t agree with her is pretty childish, especially because it’s entirely untrue. To make time in a busy schedule of eating cookie dough and crying to the camera just to take pot shots at a woman for doing something… awesome? Are you as big a dummy as you pretend to be? Don’t you ever think about these stupid things before you do them? No wonder Fox kicked your ass to the curb.

Those Tea Party Patriots are classy, aren’t they?

Now, I don’t agree with many of the things McCain and her family stand for, but she’s always struck me as intelligent and makes a better case for her beliefs than Beck ever could. The same goes for O’Reilly, I don’t agree with him but it’s hard not to like him. Beck, on the other hand, it’s hard to even take seriously.

Papa Bear has some choice words for Beck.

Glenn, let me let you in on something here. You have absolutely no room to talk about Meghan when she looks like she looks, and you look like you look (which resembles a perverted cartoon’s face stamped into biscuit dough). Even O’Reilly, who tried to make you look like a good guy (should thank him for that, P.S.) said what you did was “dopey” and that if he were Cindy McCain he’d slap you. You and all the other fakey patriots who scream and kick pajama feet at the sky whenever someone disagrees with you can all go to that island and leave the real producers behind. I’ll even christen the ship and buy you new wayfairers.

pixel Glenn Beck + Insecurities = Meghan McCain is Fat?

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