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This is for you @DJSymphony, the one and only Ed Lover in 1992 on Yo! MTV Raps, the reigning king of all MTV programs (let’s be honest, once The Real World rolled around MTV sold all it’s flavor for a fist full of dollars). This is the great, the legendary Ed Lover dance, preformed by the only person who can do it justice – look down and be afraid!

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Whee, whee, whee I tell you, whee! One of my all-time favorite Japanese TV shows, Kodakawa Horror Anthology, has at least a FEW of it’s episodes online for me to gleeee about!

The one I’m linking to here is called Lost Souls, about an adorable couple who pull into a noodle house for dinner and get more than they bargained for. For anyone who loves Asian horror, specifically Japanese horror, this one is sure to be a new classic for you – and much like all the best horror stories it gives us a brand new sound to be scared of! Kairo had, “Help Me!”, One Missed Call had that spooky ringtone, Ju-on had the incessant cat screaming and death rattle, and Lost Souls has the phrase, “Don’t look!”.

NO they are not paying me to say this, eff beans I wish they would because I can’t say enough good things about it! I hope they have all the episodes online for free (it’s legal, btw!), because there are two (one involving a cannibalistic demon in a rural mountain community) that I haven’t seen in years and I’d just love to see them again.

While I go look, do yourself a props and check out Lost Souls on Crunchyroll!


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