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dvd  10 150x150 Glenn Beck + Insecurities = Meghan McCain is Fat?Pardon my odd posting schedule, apparently my phone-to-blog posting isn’t working so I had a few to publish that had been saved to draft. Annoyed.

Anyway, I’m slow on the draw with this, but a few days ago I was directed to a video of Glenn Beck on The O’Reilly Factor being held to standard by Papa Bear for stupid, bully-like insults hurled at John McCain’s daughter Meghan. It seems that Meghan stripped clothing off of her shoulders (pretty much only her shoulders, below which she was not filmed) for a skin cancer awareness PSA and Beck found the time, apparently while relaxing at the Bart Simpson Hair Salon, to pretend to vomit at the thought of Meghan naked and suggest she put on a burqa to cover up.

As you can see, she’s hideously disfigured by rays of sunshine in her hair.

dvd  11 150x150 Glenn Beck + Insecurities = Meghan McCain is Fat?Is it just me, or is Meghan McCain gorgeous? She looks like Candice Accola, I haven’t noticed her being hugely fat or in any way ugly, in fact she’s so gorgeous that it makes me wonder if she criticized Beck and he couldn’t take it because of a history of pretty girls making ass fun of him? Because the way he lashed out was so far below juvenile that it lands him in the midst of schoolyard bullies, because calling her fat or ugly because you don’t agree with her is pretty childish, especially because it’s entirely untrue. To make time in a busy schedule of eating cookie dough and crying to the camera just to take pot shots at a woman for doing something… awesome? Are you as big a dummy as you pretend to be? Don’t you ever think about these stupid things before you do them? No wonder Fox kicked your ass to the curb.

Those Tea Party Patriots are classy, aren’t they?

Now, I don’t agree with many of the things McCain and her family stand for, but she’s always struck me as intelligent and makes a better case for her beliefs than Beck ever could. The same goes for O’Reilly, I don’t agree with him but it’s hard not to like him. Beck, on the other hand, it’s hard to even take seriously.

Papa Bear has some choice words for Beck.

Glenn, let me let you in on something here. You have absolutely no room to talk about Meghan when she looks like she looks, and you look like you look (which resembles a perverted cartoon’s face stamped into biscuit dough). Even O’Reilly, who tried to make you look like a good guy (should thank him for that, P.S.) said what you did was “dopey” and that if he were Cindy McCain he’d slap you. You and all the other fakey patriots who scream and kick pajama feet at the sky whenever someone disagrees with you can all go to that island and leave the real producers behind. I’ll even christen the ship and buy you new wayfairers.

pixel Glenn Beck + Insecurities = Meghan McCain is Fat?

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I can’t believe I missed posting about this earlier! Chalk it up to a very hectic life and my still trying to get my land legs in my new job, which I hate but you web development doesn’t pay the bills when you suck at it, lol.

As everyone already knows (but I just have to gush over) President Obama produced his long form birth certificate. The next day he gave a hilarious, albeit mean spirited, roast of Donald Trump and a few other choice idiots at the White House Correspondence Dinner and to top it all off? The United States has finally done away with Osama Bin Laden – or so we’re told, but I’m inclined to believe that you’d need to be a whole other kind of stupid to fake something like this when about to run for re-election.

No matter how it all came about, I have to say that it’s some serious bad-assery on Obama‘s part. Still, the Birther’s rage on. I wonder if they just need a hug or something? Or a nap?

At any rate, hopefully that dies and is done with. Of course, as soon as this happened my mom (a psycho conservative) started referring to Obama as “My President”, so that’s just weird. If you’re going to be stupid, at least stand up for your dumb ass convictions.

Now onto this Bin Laden thing. The speech about that was intense, though a bit long winded. We gathered around the White House livestream like people used to huddle around their radio and listen to the latest news from Washington. We knew for almost an hour beforehand that what the President would announce was most likely the death of Osama Bin Laden, but we listened anyway and it was actually fairly inspiring. Of course we’re in no way safe, but at least we’ve got something to show for this stupid war – not sure if it offsets the cost, though. In money or lives. Also seems a bit convenient for it to happen at the beginning of Obama‘s bid for re-election, doesn’t it? All of this to happen at once?

Convenient or not, still very cool. Bush can suck it, Palin can suck it, Beck can suck it, Trump can suck a couple more. Congratulations Mr. President on your Best Week Ever!


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As I’m sure everyone already knows, Glenn Beck is finishing out the year on Fox News and then signing off to, uh. I think fight sharks with a ray gun, side by side with Jesus.

I have several issues with Beck, one of which is that he’s a minor cog in the Conservative Propaganda Machine that pollutes the feeble minded and paranoid among us. Like the rest of the cogs he fills the air with the thick incense of government take overs, minority/race paranoia and woman hating. Everyone is coming to take your guns and money, nobody loves America but YOU, and a woman who speaks her mind (or stands up for herself) is a bitch.

He seems to have an undeserved sense of accomplishment. He’s a dangerous guy, because he knows he’s lying but the people who believe him don’t seem to notice it – even though it’s obvious. He seems to pull these conspiracy theories out of thin air, most of the ones I’ve heard don’t make any sense. Then again, I don’t think the government is rifling through my trash to make sure I’m feeding my dog Big Brother-approved dog treats.

In his defense, though, he doesn’t seem crazy. Not even a little bit. If he believed this stuff, that would be a whole other story but he seems like he gets it. It’s the Wingnut Gallery that seem to eat it up without ever thinking about it. Notice the operative part of that sentence? Without ever thinking about it. So no, Beck isn’t crazy – he’s what every other right wing nutjob is: A lying crybaby.

At any rate, this blog post actually isn’t about Glenn Beck, it’s about Jon Stewart and the awesome video below in which he impersonates Beck in an attempt to explain why he’s leaving the network – at least for the time being:

To be honest I have no desire to see Beck back on screen, but no real desire to keep him off so long as I don’t have to watch him, listen to him, etc. As it stands now I tend to ignore him when he’s brought up by the local Mormon population – and they do, every chance they get, because they freak out like Twilight fans whenever someone seen as a member of the LDS church gains fame.

Whatever happens, I wish him well in his career. But if he knocks on my door with a Book of Mormon, I’m turning the lights off.


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I just had a fun time over at at Big Hollywood, which I was referred to during a chat with a friend of mine in Oregon. It seems that Atlas Shrugged is being adapted for the big screen, and the best part? Conservatives are rallying around it like it’s Passion of the Christ II.

Now, I have no issues with them adapting it for film. In fact, I think it’s a good idea since it seems like most of the people who use Rand’s concepts as armor haven’t even read the book and it may be easier in an age of rapid-fire information to take it in visually like that.

I actually don’t like the book, or a lot of Rand’s work. What I didn’t realize is that being outspoken in some places is a capital offense. In their defense, what I said was snotty (albeit, not aimed at anyone) – I basically said I thought Rand was an idiot (though I should have clarified, I actually meant delusional and egotistical), that Atlas Shrugged isn’t about what people think it is in my opinion, and that people who don’t get it are making odd, weird statements about it and applying it where it doesn’t belong and it flat out makes America look stupid.

See? Snotty, lol. Since I was being a smart ass (which I’m used to being), I thought I’d get a couple of just as snotty comebacks and maybe come out of it either a little wiser or with a new perspective. If those things cost a million bucks? Would’ve gladly paid it, because what I got was ridiculous.

In one post alone? 3 or so different people went off on me. Because I didn’t agree with them, and dared say so, I was a Troll. I was ignorant, angry and came there looking for a fight. Well, it’s too bad I didn’t because that’s what I got.

The first person to respond to me was fairly civil (we exchanged a few blows, but it seems like we were both confused as to what the other one was saying) – we parted on decent terms. The other two were a nightmare and a treasure. The treasure was a troll himself disguised as a regular, trying his damndest to make me angry but it just came out kind of sad. The other one was purposely (it seems) misinterpreting what I was saying to try to make it sound like I was presenting a different argument. The whole thing was more or less frustrating.

Well I surfed around to the other posts and made a comment, a disagreeing comment but I tried to be nice about it – chopped my head off. So I went to another one, this time a post about the Muslim Brotherhood and asked NICELY what it was, because working with Conservatives I’d heard about it before but I didn’t really know what it was.

It all seems to come down to, “If you don’t agree with me, either I’ll force you to or you’ll just disappear.”

One commentor actually mentioned, on a post I was smart enough not to get too involved with, that all Muslims should be kicked out of America because it just ‘safer that way’. Um. Who, exactly, is safer that way? Then we remove the Chinese because of fair trade issues, so no more Chinese people in America. Then we remove the Mexicans, all of them, even the legal ones or the four or fifth generation ones because of those who are illegal.

Then we remove anyone else who’s brown or yellow because, well, why not? Then it’s time for anyone who’s not Christian to go. Then it’s time for the Christians to duke it out amongst themselves to figure out who’s REALLY Christian and who has to leave. Once that’s narrowed down, then it’s men vs. women – if you open that can of worms, which usually begins with hate? It’s very hard to close it. I can see where you’re coming from but kicking an entire religion or people out of our country strips us of all of our freedom bragging rights. We should probably rip The New Colossus off of Lady Liberty, because it no longer applies.

Do unto others applies here, think whatever you want in your head but when you speak? Do so with respect, do so with compassion. Don’t go onto a hostile public forum and blame an entire people for the stupid actions of a few or we’ll have to be able to do that with everyone. I know I’m guilty of thinking, and sometimes saying things like that but I haven’t dedicated an entire website to it.

Nice does NOT work. Three or four people in a row jumped on me, called me names, right off the bat – for asking a question! Nicely! Why, exactly, do I bother trying with these people? Why bother having a place to debate if no one’s allowed to have a different opinion than you? Giving people a chance bites.


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