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I seriously need to stop working for my mother. I swear to the thundering gods, she has no effing idea what she’s doing at any given moment of the day and were I not halfway decent at my job (and kind of a hard ass about work) nothing would get done at all.

Right now she’s been having me work on her website for two weeks, in which time I’ve gotten the theme nearly complete (just need them to OK it), set up the scripts, updated the scripts, found cheap but professional resources and spent countless hours trying to figure out what it is she wants. She didn’t even send me the info for the pages until yesterday, and every time I see her or Hubbs I get the hairy eyeball as if I am the one responsible for their work not being done? Hello, I can’t make up the content off of the top of my head! I kind of need them to tell me what they want on those pages or else it’ll end up a mess.

What am I saying? It’s already a mess! I’m so tired of being their scapegoat, they need to get off their asses and do something – anything! But, as Jerry Blank once said, I don’t know if they want to put extra effort into something they want. They want it done magically, poof, which is fine but admit you’re that kind of person. I’m kind of tired of hearing them go on and on about how hard they work when they can’t even rinse off a dish by themselves. I just got a call from them saying that we, once again, can’t sit down and work on this together because they’ve decided on the fly to stay in Cameron for the night. What the HELL?

On top of that they’ve frelled up Yvonne and my days by re-arranging Mike’s sleeping patterns and chores, so instead of him being punished for the stupid thing he did *we* end up punished and he gets more free time. ARGH.

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*big whiff* Ahh, don’t you just love that new website smell? It’s like someone opened a fresh jar of peaches, isn’t it? Like summer lies ahead or some other such fun rot, and I’m starting this at the best possible time of year – Moon Festival is over and Halloweenie is only a month away. I’d love to say time’s flown over the summer but it just dragged on – who cares? Fall is here!

I’m trying to rack my brain here, hoping to come up with some genius niche for this blog but I have the feeling it’s going to be one of those dummy blogs where I just rant about nothing – which is kind of always the way it goes with me. Hmm, maybe I should talk to someone about all of this directionless rage? Then again, if I could focus it, and make it not so direction-less I may be able to start controlling ants with my mind. If that ever happens it’s only a matter of time before I’ll be giving my orders from a throne made out of Japanese host boys in my secret lair in Anaheim. Oh, come on. Don’t get all freaked out – who doesn’t love host boys?

Anyway, the balmy, sunny days are more or less behind us and there’s a nice, crisp breeze wafting into my room right now. It’s still fairly green outside but the sugar maples are turning that special kind of golden and the pears are almost ready to be picked. It’s going to be a cold winter, but since I can’t have palm trees and host boys just yet, here’s hoping it’s a decent fall.

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