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Well, I’m having a decent birthday – I got a little wad of extra cash from Hubbs and Mom, which is going to help *so* much, especially this time of year. We didn’t celebrate today (well, not with Mom and Hubbs), they wanted to celebrate early for some reason so we went to China King in Bethany on Sunday, and it’s my new favorite I think.

Yvonne and I did get to run around town a little, we got this and that but the coolest thing we were able to get were Albany Warriors mints and lip balm, as well as a good stash for dinner. So glad Hy-Vee is selling the rotisserie chickens now.

Unfortunately, like all my birthdays, today I found out that I’ve got yet more work to do and it’s due yesterday. This always happens, I can deal with the work but not the stress of everything being last minute! They have to know, at least once in awhile, that they’re going to need me to make logos, websites, etc. before it’s already due. Annoyed!

Oh well, such is the life of freelance, eh? I wonder if I should inform the union? Lol.

EDIT: Added a few pics of the last of my birthday cake – awful pics, I hate that camera!


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