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Whee, whee, whee I tell you, whee! One of my all-time favorite Japanese TV shows, Kodakawa Horror Anthology, has at least a FEW of it’s episodes online for me to gleeee about!

The one I’m linking to here is called Lost Souls, about an adorable couple who pull into a noodle house for dinner and get more than they bargained for. For anyone who loves Asian horror, specifically Japanese horror, this one is sure to be a new classic for you – and much like all the best horror stories it gives us a brand new sound to be scared of! Kairo had, “Help Me!”, One Missed Call had that spooky ringtone, Ju-on had the incessant cat screaming and death rattle, and Lost Souls has the phrase, “Don’t look!”.

NO they are not paying me to say this, eff beans I wish they would because I can’t say enough good things about it! I hope they have all the episodes online for free (it’s legal, btw!), because there are two (one involving a cannibalistic demon in a rural mountain community) that I haven’t seen in years and I’d just love to see them again.

While I go look, do yourself a props and check out Lost Souls on Crunchyroll!


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