Apr. 9th, 2011

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As I’m sure everyone already knows, Glenn Beck is finishing out the year on Fox News and then signing off to, uh. I think fight sharks with a ray gun, side by side with Jesus.

I have several issues with Beck, one of which is that he’s a minor cog in the Conservative Propaganda Machine that pollutes the feeble minded and paranoid among us. Like the rest of the cogs he fills the air with the thick incense of government take overs, minority/race paranoia and woman hating. Everyone is coming to take your guns and money, nobody loves America but YOU, and a woman who speaks her mind (or stands up for herself) is a bitch.

He seems to have an undeserved sense of accomplishment. He’s a dangerous guy, because he knows he’s lying but the people who believe him don’t seem to notice it – even though it’s obvious. He seems to pull these conspiracy theories out of thin air, most of the ones I’ve heard don’t make any sense. Then again, I don’t think the government is rifling through my trash to make sure I’m feeding my dog Big Brother-approved dog treats.

In his defense, though, he doesn’t seem crazy. Not even a little bit. If he believed this stuff, that would be a whole other story but he seems like he gets it. It’s the Wingnut Gallery that seem to eat it up without ever thinking about it. Notice the operative part of that sentence? Without ever thinking about it. So no, Beck isn’t crazy – he’s what every other right wing nutjob is: A lying crybaby.

At any rate, this blog post actually isn’t about Glenn Beck, it’s about Jon Stewart and the awesome video below in which he impersonates Beck in an attempt to explain why he’s leaving the network – at least for the time being:

To be honest I have no desire to see Beck back on screen, but no real desire to keep him off so long as I don’t have to watch him, listen to him, etc. As it stands now I tend to ignore him when he’s brought up by the local Mormon population – and they do, every chance they get, because they freak out like Twilight fans whenever someone seen as a member of the LDS church gains fame.

Whatever happens, I wish him well in his career. But if he knocks on my door with a Book of Mormon, I’m turning the lights off.


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