Oct. 21st, 2010

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The Boy is at it again. I don’t know if he thinks I’ll be easier on him if he breaks down or if he’s doing it to relieve stress (you know, like how dogs bark to alleviate excess energy?), but he’s stressing me out to a crazy extent and it’s way too batshit early in the morning for him to be doing this.

Here’s exactly what I asked him to do:

1. Get a client on the phone at some point today.
2. Get me a phone number he was supposed to give me 2 days ago.
3. Clean up a back porch that’s not even as big as a car (seriously).
4. Finish picking up walnuts outside if he has time.

That did it, that brought on the tears. I feel for him but at the same time I can’t feel for him, because I’m 90% sure it’s an act to gain my sympathy and get out of his chores – and I hate it that he tries to play me like that. Are you reading this, Boy? It ain’t working, so quit it.

It just bugs me, because I feel bad enough that I have to be somewhat strict with him now (I assure you, he gave us no choice – the less he has to do, the more attitude and hostility he has on top of the laziness). But it has to be done, he needs to start pulling his weight or I’ll effing kill him, because at this point I am so tired, stressed and worried that I’m at a breaking point.

On top of all this, one of the fish is dead – this might not sound like a big deal to you, but it is I assure you. According to The Boy, he was alive last night (survived I guess all summer OUTSIDE in a kiddie pool with no issues) and now he’s gone, just like that. Kid swears he was fine yesterday, the he made sure to feed them but now he’s gone – something’s up. I’m about to start screaming. TOO much Yang, too much Yang, one thing after another. I need a more harmonious life.


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