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76765412 618a458105 m Well I’m coming down from a few days at the hospital where my mom was admitted to ICU following a collapse. I don’t want to get into details, but it was pretty bad, we thought we were going to lose her for several days. I’d be there right now if Hubbs hadn’t decided to go back on his own (to be honest, I have the sneaking suspicion it’s because I put up a fight when she refuses treatment).

Anyway, we’re there for like 5 days and Mike was given a list of things to do – 4 things. He didn’t do *anything* in almost a week, AT ALL, and because of that we now have to go back to the schedule of 5 am walks for the dog and mild work throughout the day just to get things done. Unfortunately it really cuts into my sleep time, and I have to work, too. I’m having a hell of a time adjusting back to it.

On top of that living at the hospital cleaned me out, we’re entirely out of cash and my hosting bills are due today so my site may go ‘poof’ for a few days while I try to make the money to renew for the month.


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